Monday, 24 July 2017

I've been gone for some time....

....for more than six months...from this blog that is.   I'm still here, still in this remote village, still looking after my 12 rescued dogs at home, still helping to care for dogs in the village and at the sanayi.

Kaya (my husband) does most of the work with the dogs at the sanayi, mainly because he opened a car valeting business there last November and he is there every day.  Business could be better...much better...but we are muddling through, and to be honest Kaya enjoys being there with the dogs so we are hoping things will pick up with the business so he doesn't have to give it up.  Should that happen, the dogs won't be forgotten of course.  We have been feeding them there for several years now, so that won't stop.

So, catching up on what's been happening over the last six months.   Day to day life hasn't really changed.  I visited my daughter and grandsons in England in March and will be going to see them again on 22nd August for two weeks.  Something I am very much looking forward to.  It will be the first time I've actually managed to see them in summer.  When Kaya was working in tourism, he was away most of the time so my visits had to be out of season.   Fortunately, he is close enough to home to be able to pop back to feed our dogs while I'm away.  I will certainly be glad to get away from the intense heat and humidity.

I had a visit from my cousin last month.  We last saw each other 15 years ago when her father, my uncle, died.  She is a year younger than me and we were very close as children, but she moved away and we had about 40 years or so to catch up on!   It was her birthday last week and her daughter booked and paid for her flights to visit me again in October.  The weather will be cooler and it's hoped we can see more of the country this time.

It's just over a year since the attempted coup here and we are still in a state of emergency.  Life has changed for so many people, although I would prefer not to go into details (it's best to avoid talking about such things) but life for most of us goes on as normal.

Last week there was a big earthquake in Kos and Bodrum.  We were lucky not to be affected by it.  It was felt down in our village but not here at the top of the hill.  Those of us who have lived here for some time, take it in our stride.  Certainly friends in Bodrum, who spent a couple of days and nights mostly outside their homes, dealt with it all in good spirits and humour.

My Facebook page AYAK'S ANİMALS (Rescue and Welfare) has taken over from my blog and anyone wishing to follow our work with dogs and cats, please feel free to join.

I am hoping that I can get back into blogging again.  I miss it, but lack inspiration most of the time, so I'll see you again here when the mood takes me.


  1. So pleased that you posted and to know you were safe.
    When I saw the news about the earthquake and Bodrum..... I wondered about you.
    I also seem to have let my blog go compared with how I used to write...... more than 3 posts a week!.
    Maggie x

    1. Hi Maggie. It was worth doing a blog post to hear from you. I hope all is well with you. I think many bloggers seem to be going through a phase at the moment. Maybe life just gets in the way sometimes xxx

  2. I still prefer blog posts to FB, but will continue to follow both

    1. Yes and your blog posts are so good. I think the more you post, the more you can find to write about. I hope I can get back to doing that xx

  3. Hi, really missed your posts. I have just joined your "AYAKS ANIMALS" group. Pending at the moment. So nice to hear that Kaya has found work that he likes and nearer to home. ( the tourist trade seems to have really slumped in recent years, so those involved seem to have to work harder for less) a few months ago when we visited Turkey many of the hotels, bars and restaurants that have always been open during our last 12 visits were closed.
    Hope you enjoy your visit to England in August, and the weather is fine for you.
    Jan J

    1. Have I added you Jan? (is it under a different name? ) Otherwise I can't see it. Can you try again and also message me on Facebook please? xx

  4. I'm another whose blog has been almost in abeyance this year, but I do miss it. It seems more lasting than FB, but of course takes longer than a quick update. :) Enjoy your trip.

    1. Thanks P. You too! Maybe we'll all get back to blogging in the winter xx


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