Rescued/Street Dog Feeding and Care Programme


As I now  post updates on my home page, I won't be adding any further notes on this page.   I will however leave it here, because it is a useful reminder to me of how things have worked out since I started feeding and providing vet care for the dogs in this area.  It may also of interest to my blog followers to see how things have progressed.


As from 18th January 2014, I am keeping a record here of street dogs being fed daily in the village, on
the industrial estate on the main road and elsewhere.  Also any treatments given, eg worm tablets, flea treatments, vaccinations, etc.

 This is mostly for my benefit. to keep track of what we are doing,  but may be of interest to those of you who have donated.  No comments are required, but if you want to leave a message, just add it to the latest post on my Home page.  If you feel you would like to help by donating, please go to the Paypal button on the top of the blog.  Every amount helps, no matter how small.  Thankyou xx

Just in case anyone is clicking onto this page for the first time, I would explain that I am not updating it so often now as I am reporting most things on my Home page these days, so don't want to duplicate.  If you are interested, please scroll down towards the bottom of this page to see what we have been doing, and it will also give you some idea of how the feeding programme works for winter time...which will start again in October.

I am continuing to feed the dogs in the village until such time as we can get them to the safety of a shelter.   Although I am still getting comments and dirty looks from some, I am standing my ground, remaining positive, and this seems to be working.  The dogs are scattered about so often not around when I go down to the village to feed, so I leave food and fill the water containers.   Occasionally they do appear and at the moment there are around 10 dogs.  See my post of today's date. "Too hot to blog"
I am continuing to post updates on my Home page at the moment, so won't duplicate on here.
Update please see the post on my Home page of today's date.
Chas and Dave were both neutered yesterday evening.  They are recovering remarkably well and have eaten breakfast as usual this morning.  Last night I discovered that someone has removed the water bowls I left in the village for the dogs.  I'm not happy about this, and have spoken to the Muhtar about it (which will probably make no difference at all).  I'll take down more bowls this morning and hope they stay in place.
Please see my post on Home Page of today's date "Making Plans" for update.
More food taken down to feed the new arrivals.  Water bowls still in place and were filled by a man in the teahouse who has promised to do every day. (again more details on Home page posts).  As a result of my appeal on here and Facebook, donations have arrived which will enable me to feed these new dogs.   The aim is to feed every other day at the moment, to make sure we have sufficient food to last.   Vet bill paid for treatment for Dave's illness last Friday. 
Dogs found dumped in village, including 6 puppies.  Feeding them at 3am.  Extra water bowls put out.  More details on Home page posts.
A trip to the vet for Dave who was very poorly last night.  Please see the post on my Home Page entitled "Hoping the for the light to get a bit brighter"
Update on Melek. She has recovered exceptionally well from being spayed on Friday. In fact within 24 hours she was completely back to normal.  I do believe that getting them spayed earlier is beneficial and being young they recover much more quickly.  I am desperate for funds to help with neutering Chas & Dave, and to start saving for the many bags of dog food we will need when we start the street feeding programme in October.  There is nothing in the pot at the moment, so anything you can spare will be very much appreciated.  Thankyou
Melek was spayed this morning.  She is now recovering on the balcony in the shade.  The temperature is over 40 degrees at the moment.  Not a good time for vet clinic visits, but thankfully my friend David took us in his air-conditioned car and we waited for the op to be done, then he brought us back home.  I have paid the vet in full and also purchased 4 more bags of dog food.  I intend to get Chas and Dave neutered in approx. a month's time, but at this point in time, there is no money in the fund.  I am also anxious to try and build up funds to be able to start the street feeding programme again in October,  so any donations will be most gratefully received.
Monty's sore toe is pretty much healed, having used an antibiotic cream for the past few days.  Sammy seemed to have muscle strain in his neck and shoulders (he does suffer with arthritis and has Glucosamine tablets daily, as does Megan).  I massaged his neck for a couple of days and now he has no problem.  My friend David found some motherless pups out near where he lives on the way to Mumcular.  I went over on Friday and took worm tablets, flea spray and some immune booster.  Only 4 pups appeared, so we treated them.  Having made contact with several Facebook friends on Saturday, David and I took them to Torba shelter on Sunday.  We found 5 pups, so they are now safe.  Melek has been booked in for this coming Friday to be spayed.
Time for another update.  All three pups had their vaccinations, including rabies, last week, and were also wormed again.   Monty had Frontline administered, and the sore on his neck has completely healed.  He does now however have a sore foot.  It's possible it could be a bite, or maybe punctured by grass.  I have cleaned it up and am using an antibacterial powder on it.  If it doesn't heal within the next few days, he will need to see the vet.   I am in the process of trying to arrange for Melek to be spayed by Mehmet, our extremely busy vet.  Mr A will try to get her to the clinic early one morning when he can get home, then hopefully Mehmet will bring her back after the op.  The two boys can be neutered at home, and this can be done anytime to fit in with Mehmet.  I have seen a fair number of dogs around the village.  All appear to be in good health, so clearly they are still being fed by locals.  Mr A phoned the café owner on the estate and he reports that the dogs there are also being fed.  I am only receiving the odd donation these days, but have sufficient to pay for the pups operations now.  We are getting through quite a lot of dried food.  9 dogs, particularly 3 greedy growing pups, eat a lot between them!   I am hoping to increase the fund gradually in readiness to start the street feeding programme again in October and throughout the winter, so all donations are very welcome.
Updates not so frequent now as nothing much to report on the estate and village dogs during the summer season, as they are being fed by locals.  The winter programme, which is so important, will start again in October.  I have had quotes from Mehmet the vet for neutering Chas and Dave and spaying Melek, along with their vaccinations, including the rabies ones.  I also need Frontline for Monty as he had a reaction to the Paraband collar which I have removed.  The sore on his neck has been treated with an antibiotic cream and has cleared up nicely.  He will need sunblock for his ears. White dogs (and cats) are prone to skin cancer so have to be protected.   The vaccinations will be done on Monday.  Sometime within the next month or so Melek will be spayed before she is due for her first season.  A little later Chas and Dave will be neutered.  Thanks to donations, mentioned in my last update, I now have almost enough to cover all this.  I do however want to start building up the fund to cover the winter feeding programme, and also to be able to provide the occasional sack of dried food to the industrial estate, to supplement the feeding there, so all donations are welcome.
Have been unable to catch up with Mehmet the vet this week due to him being very busy, but will no doubt speak to him before the week is out as the pups vaccinations are due on Saturday.  Then sometime during the coming weeks the three pups will have to be neutered.  This will take some organising as with Mr A being unable to get home at the moment, I will have to arrange transport to get the three of them to the vet clinic.  The alternative will be for the ops to be done at home.  Won't be the first time.  Freddie was neutered last year on our kitchen table!
As a result of my last blog post appealing for donations, I have received a couple of donations which will go a long way to cover the cost of neutering the three pups.  Further donations are still most welcome to enable us to carry on supplying dried food to the café owner at the estate, and to start saving for the winter feeding programme which will begin again in October

Nothing to report because at the present time I have no money in the dog fund.  The estate dogs are being fed scraps by the café owner, and the village dogs appear to be fine.  The pups need to be vaccinated next week, and also spayed and neutered within the next few weeks.  I am concerned about the cost of all this, so would very much appreciate donations to help.  Thankyou
Nothing significant to report. Regular phone calls to the industrial estate and to the man with the mum and pups, confirm that all dogs are being fed and are well, thanks to the dried food we are supplying, plus worm and flea treatments.  The few village dogs that are around are also looking good so clearly people are still feeding them scraps.  Another bag of dried food has been left with a man who adopted two of the siblings of our 3 pups, and he is feeding any dogs he sees outside his house.   We are still in a "minus" situation with our funds, and I need to get the pups vaccinated again at the end of this month.  Next month we also have to have them neutered.  I am also conscious of having to try to save for the feeding programme which will start up again in October.  So as usual, any donations will be very gratefully received.
11.5.14 Update
Regular phone calls to the café owner ensure that the estate dogs are still being fed.  On a brief visit home on Friday, Mr A dropped off some more sacks of food to the estate, and checked that all dogs are OK.  He also dropped another sack to the man with the mum and pups and they are also doing well.  I received a couple of donations as a result of my last appeal, but we are still in desperate need of funds to carry on our work.  Every little helps and will be appreciated.  The Paypal link is on the top right hand side of my Home Page.  Thankyou
Phone calls to café owner confirm that the dogs on the estate are fine.  Mehmet the vet brought out two more sacks of food to the house on Sunday, and also administered Tommy's booster for me.  He may have someone interested in adopting two of the pups on the outskirts of the village.  Mr A has explained where they are living and Mehmet will take a look.  Tomorrow my friend David will bring 4 more sacks of dog food over for me.  Some of these will be distributed to café owner and the mum and pups.  I am now in the position of having no money in reserve in the fund.  In fact I am now spending my own money.  I really want to start saving for the mum of the pups to be spayed, and also as many others as possible, as well as trying to keep a reserve fund towards the feeding programme which will start again in October.  Any donations will be most welcome at this time.  Thankyou
Collected Tommy's booster vaccination from the vets, along with a big bag of chewsticks (they are so expensive here...need to fill a suitcase next time I go to England!)  Had a mishap with the injection.  Just about to administer it and Tommy jumped, so the vaccine was wasted.  Very annoying.  I've done this many times before and usually manage fine.  Oh well, off to get another one tomorrow.  I fed a couple of dogs in the village this morning, but they weren't very interested in the food, so clearly they are being fed by the villagers...which I am delighted about.  Mr A still in regular contact with the mum and pups owner and the man at the industrial estate.  All OK.

Nothing much to report other than Mr A phoned the man with the mum and pups and they are all fine, and have sufficient food for the time being.  Also the same with the café owner at the industrial estate.  As long as we supply sacks of dried food regularly, all dogs are OK.  I looked for the village dogs yesterday morning but no sign of them again.  I can only assume that they are still being fed scraps by locals, but I always carry a bag of food with me just in case.  I will be talking to our vet this week to try to arrange for him to spay the mum of the pups. I will neeed him to come out and collect her when the time is right, and then return her after the op.  Hopefully I can get him to bring another supply of dog food at the same time.  I will also be collecting a booster vaccination for Tommy this week.
27.4.14.   Mr A has been away since Friday.  The new Mum and pups are fine and as it's too far for me to walk to their house, Mr A will phone them from time to time to check.  But he did call in when he left here on Friday, and is quite confident that they will be looked after.  There is sufficient food for the time being, and worm tablets have been provided with clear instructions on when to administer them.  I went into the village yesterday afternoon to search for the dogs Mr A usually feeds, but no sign of them.  I will go again today at a different time.  The teahouse man tells me that people in the village are also feeding them scraps, because having watched Mr A feed them, they now accept that the dogs won't harm them.  This is indeed a good sign, and also means that if I don't see them I am pretty sure they are being fed elsewhere.
5 or 6 dogs are continuing to be fed in the village and more dried food was taken to the industrial estate today.  The dogs there are being fed by the café owner and are all fine.  We have now taken on some care for a mum and 7 pups living on the outskirts of the village with a family who haven't the money or knowledge to look after them properly.  Please see my post on my Home page of today's date for more information.  All the pups and mum were wormed this afternoon...and a sack of dried food provided for mum.
Check on estate early this morning.  All dogs OK.  We are still anxious to get the mum of the pups spayed, but at the moment more money is going out than coming in, so we can't afford to get her done with our vet.  Mr A is trying to arrange to get her done with the Belediye vet but we have to get her there, which means arranging transport, which costs money, so we are stuck until we can raise some more cash. 
Another check made on the industrial estate dogs yesterday, and the feeding is still going well and all dogs healthy and happy.  7 village dogs have now returned and are being fed regularly.  Donations are drying up, and at the moment we have just £40 per month coming in from regular donations. Regardless of donations we will continue to do our utmost to feed as many dogs as possible, but it's not easy.  Please help if you can by donating via the Paypal button at the top of my Home Page.  Every amount helps, no matter how small.  Thankyou xx
We checked on the estate dogs yesterday and all are healthy and well fed by the café owner.  More village dogs have returned now that Mr A is back to feeding them again. We are in desperate need of funds to continue to care for all of these dogs.  Your help would be really appreciated.
Now that Mr A is back he is found more of or village strays...or more to the point word must have got round and they found he is back to feeding them again as the teahouse man didn't keep his promise to feed them regularly over the past week.  The café owner at the industrial estate continues to feed the dogs there and we are supplying the food.  We desperately need more donations to continue feeding, so anything you can give, no matter how small, will be very much appreciated. (Please go to the Paypal button on the top right hand side of my Home page)
9 Paraband collars and 3 sacks of food bought from our vet.  More on my Home Page.
Mr A arrived back home this afternoon and has checked out the estate dogs.  More in the post on my Home Page entitled "...and relax"
Mr A has left for Kusadasi today to work for at least a month.  We are not certain if or when he will be able to make a visit home.  Arrangements have been made with the café owner on the estate to feed the dogs there.  He is giving scraps from the café and we have provided him with sacks of dried food as well.   The village teahouse owner has also promised to feed the village dogs...again dried food provided by us.  I will be going up by bus to the estate to make random checks that the dogs are ok, and will also be doing the same in the village.   There will therefore be no daily updates for the time being, unless there is anything significant to report.  As always, donations are still welcome to enable us to continue supplying food for the dogs.   Thankyou xx
We cooked up a lot of the donated pasta this morning and mixed with chicken stock and dried dog food and took it to the industrial estate. Around 15 dogs were fed (see photos on my home page) and the rest of the cooked pasta was left with the café owner who promised to feed more dogs when they turn up.  5 also fed in the village.
No feeding today.  Good news. We have received a large donation of pasta from Marmaris Animal Welfare, delivery arranged by one of their members and her husband. See my home page post of today's date.
A change of plans from yesterday's update.  Mr A will not be going to Kusadasi this month so he will continue with the feeding programme for the estate and village dogs.  This morning 21 dogs were fed on the estate and 5 in the village.
Today Mr A delivered sacks of food to the industrial estate for the café owner to feed the dogs every other day, as Mr A will be away for a month.  If there is a problem the café owner will phone and I will get the bus up to the estate.  Mr A will probably make a couple of short trips home during the month and will check on the situation and replenish sacks of food if necessary.   The teahouse owner in the village will feed the strays here during this time, but as he is not quite so reliable as the café owner, I will keep a close eye on this.   So there will be no further updates on this page during April, unless there is anything significant to report.  The most important thing is that we are still able to provide all the dogs with food during this time, so donations will still be most welcome.
No feeding today
18 dogs fed at the estate and 7 in the village
No feeding today, but an update on yesterday's activities can be seen on my home page post "A busy day for Mr A".   Lots of dogs vaccinated yesterday.
No dogs (except for those owned) were at the industrial estate this morning and we have no idea where they are.  We are hoping that they have been rounded up by the Belediye and taken to the shelter which means they are safe, but we are very concerned for them.  We have been trying constantly to contact the Belediye manager and vet today with no success as yet.  Also government department personnel arrived in village today to vaccinate OWNED dogs, and sheep, but not street dogs.  We are rounding up the street dogs and paying to have them vaccinated.  More information on these two issues in a blog post to follow on my Home Page.
No feeding today
21 dogs fed on the estate and 5 in the village
No feeding today.
22 dogs fed on the estate and 4 in the village today
No feeding today.  We are still in need of some help to continue to do what we can for the street dogs and our 9 rescues, so anything you can spare, no matter how small, would be very much appreciated.
23 dogs fed on estate and 5 in the village.  Some good news.  We have managed to find a home in the village for a dog from the estate.  He is less than a year old and a lovely character.  We had already wormed and flea treated him a while ago, but we repeated the treatments again yesterday, and left worm tablets for the new owner to give regularly.  We provided a new collar and lead and we will of course keep an eye on him.  The owner has promised to take him to the vet asap for vaccinations.
No feeding today.  Thanks to a donation received this morning, I was able to pay the rest of the vet bill.  However, this does leave us with nothing at the moment.  Hopefully the food we have will last until next month when we receive some regular donations.
23 dogs fed at the estate today and 4 in the village.  We also collected vaccines from our vet and administered to our 3 pups and the 4 others we homes.  We also gave booster vaccinations to 3 of our big rescue dogs.  We are now quite accustomed to vaccinating.  It's a case of having to as we couldn't possibly consider taking dogs on the motorbike to the vet in Milas!  All pups are doing well.  We have noticed that the mum of the pups has been missing from the estate for the past few days (we had asked the café owner to look out for her too, but he hasn't seen her).  I am concerned because we still haven't managed to get her spayed.  Apart from the vaccines we also bought 4 more sacks of dog food, which we put on the village bus, and then Mr A collected them once they arrived in the village.  We paid most of the rising vet bill today, and will pay the rest as soon as we have the money to do so.
No feeding today.  I know this has to be the way forward, but it worries me constantly.  We are in a very difficult situation financially at the moment, and can do nothing more than our best.  We are committed to giving the 3 pups, AND the 4 re-homed, the best start in life and all 7 are being wormed, flea treated and vaccinated.  I have just received the promised donation which was earmarked to get the mum spayed, but we have a hefty vet bill to pay and this will have to be used towards this or we will no longer be able to rely on the good nature of our vet, who charges us the lowest prices he can for vaccinations and treatments.  In the meantime, we are still putting pressure on the Belediye vet to spay mum, and other bitches on the streets.  With the local elections taking priority over everything else at the moment, it's an uphill struggle to get any Belediye employees to do the jobs they are supposed to do.   I would be glad of any help at the moment.  A donation, no matter how small, will really be appreciated.
Although feeding wasn't due today, we decided that as it is Sunday and no-one is working on the estate, that there was less likelihood of scraps, so we fed today as well.  We will always do this on a Sunday when possible.  25 dogs fed on the estate and 5 in the village.  Again can I please ask for donations.  We are very stretched financially at the moment, and would appreciate anything you can manage.  Every little  helps.  Thankyou.
23 dogs fed on the industrial estate and 4 in the village.
No feeding today
22 dogs fed on the industrial estate and 5 in the village
No feeding today.  Again I would mention that the money situation is becoming desperate.  I really don't want to let any of these dogs down, so please help if you can.  Thankyou x
21 dogs on industrial estate and 5 in village all fed today.
No feeding today.  Please see my Home page post "Trial and Error".   It explains that due to lack of funds we are having to reduce the feeding of the industrial estate and village dogs to every other day.  It makes me very unhappy to have to do this, but we just don't have enough money to feed so many dogs every day.   But at least we got them through the winter which is the harshest time for them.  It has cost a considerable amount in vet fees recently to give the 7 pups worm and flea treatments and vaccinations, which is essential for their survival.  We still want to get the mum spayed and were promised a donation to cover the cost of this, but it didn't materialise.  As soon as we can raise enough money we will get her done.   We are doing what we can but it is very difficult. Please, if you are able to help with a donation, no matter how small, it will be so much appreciated.
Feeding day today at the industrial estate.  19 dogs were fed. They seemed unaffected by having missed one day, and we are assured by the café owner on the estate, that all his scraps are being given to the dogs.  We will continue every second day for a while, and see how it goes.  We have to plan and budget for the long term, and try to build up reserves for next winter.  Donations therefore are desperately needed.  6 village dogs also fed this morning.
Today is the start of cutting back on feeding at the industrial estate and village, see my post in Home Page "Trial and Error" for more explanation.  So today no feeding took place.
Our 3 pups were given a second vaccination today.  These are not the full vaccinations because they are not old enough yet for those, but they are a milder protection for them.  They were also given a puppy flea treatment.  We also supplied the same for the 3 pups in the village and the one on the industrial estate, who all have new homes.  We have enough worm tablets to continue worming the pups for a little while yet, as they should be done every 2 weeks until 12 wks old and every month until 6 months old.  Then 3 times a year from then on.  We have had to explain to the new owners of the 4 other pups that we cannot continue indefinitely as we just don't have the money, but we have given them a good start and can only hope it will continue.  They all seem to be thriving.  18 dogs fed on industrial estate and 5 in the village today.
19 dogs fed on the estate this morning, and 6 in the village this evening. We are still very much in need of funds to be able to continue with our feeding programme and to provide flea and worm treatments.  Please donate if you can.  Every little helps.
The mum of the pups was due to be spayed this morning, but we couldn't find her. See my Home page for further details.  More dogs this morning.. 18 dogs fed. One of the pups who is with one of the estate workers was also given first vaccination, and 3 pups homed in the village had theirs this evening. 5 dogs fed in the village.
Again, fewer dogs on the estate this morning..just 7 fed.  I can only hope that they are being fed elsewhere and that nothing nasty has happened to them.  5 dogs also fed in the village this morning.
15 dogs fed on the estate this morning, and 5 in the village this evening.
There were only 5 dogs at the estate this morning waiting to be fed.  Mr A stayed around for an hour or so in case the others were taking shelter from the rain.  He then discovered that some beekeepers have arrived fairly near to the estate, and they have also been feeding dogs, so maybe some of "ours" are going there.  I am happy they are being fed, no matter who is doing it.  6 dogs fed in village.
22 dogs fed on the estate this morning.  4 in the village this evening.  Flea treatments and also new collars given to 5 more dogs.
18 dogs fed on the estate.  5 in the village.  Vet visit for pups (Chas and Dave) check-up and first vaccination.  And we now have another pup from the same litter...see my Home Page.
23 dogs fed this morning.  4 in the village. For further update on the pups, please see my home page
24 dogs fed on estate this morning.  We will be checking on the two adopted pups each day, to make sure they are OK.  Please see my Home page post "2 down...5 to go" for further info.
23 dogs fed on estate this morning and further 5 in village.  Two spayed girls are doing well, wounds healed.  This afternoon two puppies were taken by Mr A to their new home in our village, having checked that the man adopting them was prepared to look after them properly.  We will continue to worm these 2 pups and at 6 weeks give flea treatment and vaccinations against parvo and distemper, along with the other 5 on the estate.
22 dogs fed this morning.  The 7 pups were all given their first worm treatment, and we were able to establish that they are 6 boys and 1 girl.  Mum given further flea treatment. 6 dogs fed in village.
27 dogs fed this morning and a further 5 in the village this evening.
The two spayed dogs were taken back to the estate yesterday afternoon by the Belediye vet.  Mr A checked on them this morning.  The brown pitbull type's wound looks a little sore, but not seriously so. We are treating it with antibacterial spray.  The other dog who was pregnant and had the foetuses aborted, then spayed, is absolutely fine.  23 dogs fed on the estate.  5 dogs fed in the village this evening.
More than 30 dogs were fed on the industrial estate this morning and 5 in the village this evening.
Sadly we had to have Rosie and Daisy put to sleep today as they were in the advanced stages of parvovirus.  More on my post of today's date on my Home page.
20plus dogs fed at the estate this morning. Daisy and Rosie are OK and Mr A has been working frantically in the garden today to make a separate area for these two so that we can bring them home. We intend to collect them them tomorrow morning after feeding the estate dogs, take them to OUR vet Mehmet for a check-up, vaccinations, etc and then bring them home.  This may be a temporary measure if we can find homes for them, but who knows?  We will be collecting the brown pitbull type dog and the other pregnant dog from the shelter this afternoon.  The first two on a long list who have now been spayed, then return them to the industrial estate.  4 dogs fed in the village this evening.  I will do a blog post on my Home page later tomorrow when I will have more to report on the two spayed girls, and Daisy and Rosie.
Mr A went to the estate this morning to feed the dogs and forgot to count how many were fed but he thinks about 20.  One of the two black girl pups was poorly this morning so he phoned me to say that he would take her straight to the vet.  He took her sister along too as they are inseperable.  Although there is water for them to drink it seems that she was dehydrated.  As the vet was passing the estate later this afternoon, he phoned Mr A to say he had dropped them off at their usual place, and we are t take them to the vet again on Thursday for a check-up.  I have given them both names (something I am reluctant to do as I try to remain detached)...Daisy and Rosie.  I think we may bring them home to be with us, even if only to try and find them permanent homes.  Having lost 4 pups on the estate recently to accidents, I want to give these two the best possible chance.  Brown mum and the other pregnant dog are still at the belediye shelter and the vet will spay them both tomorrow.  We will collect them on Thursday.
Please click on this link Today is D Day on my Home page to see today's update.  6 dogs also fed in village this evening.
25dogs fed at the industrial estate this morning. Mum and 7 pups are doing well as is the poorly dog I mentioned a few days ago.  He is back to eating normally after being treated by our vet in Milas The two black pups are also doing very well.  Two sisters and they are gorgeous.  I would love to find a home for these two together, but it's so difficult.  If anyone reading this is interested in adopting these pups, please let me know. 5 dogs fed in the village this evening.  As always money is a problem and I would be so grateful to receive more donations to enable me to continue to feed these dogs.  Thankyou.
27 dogs fed this morning, and a further 8 fed in the village this evening.
28 dogs fed this morning.  After much discussion we are reluctant to use sedative injections for capturing the dogs for spaying, which begins on Monday, so we went to our vet in Milas today and purchased two muzzles and two leather choke collars/leads which can be slipped over the dogs' heads easily.  This may enable us to take two dogs at a time, but if difficult we will take one.  We also bought some plastic bucket collars for use post-op as the council vet won't supply these.  5 dogs fed in the village this evening.
22 dogs fed on the estate this morning, then a trip into Milas with the Muhtar to have discussions with the Belediye vet.  Please see my Home Page, today's post entitled "Good news at last". 5 dogs fed in the village this evening.
We are attempting to give worm tablets to more of the dogs.  Some were already done a little while ago.  This morning we gave them to the Mum with the litter, the dog who was sick and is now recovered, and one more dog who stays pretty close to the dog who was sick.  It's not easy to give tablets when groups of dogs arrive together and want to be fed, so it's easier to do a couple at a time. We will then move on to flea/tick treatments.   25 dogs in total fed this morning. 5 dogs fed in the village this evening.
26 dogs fed on the estate this morning.  The dog who was sick a few days ago and seen by the vet is continuing to improve.  The two black pups (who are actually both females by the way), are continuing to thrive.  We think they are less than 2 months old.  I would love to find homes for them, together if possible.  Mum and her 7 pups are doing well.  The pups are gorgeous and quite chubby!   We have still not managed any contact with the Belediye vet, but we do keep trying.  A trip to Milas today to stock up with more dog food...75kg in total, plus a large quantity of flea/tick treatment...thanks to your donations....we (and the dogs) are so grateful xxx  5 dogs fed in the village this evening.
Not so many dogs at the estate this morning.   At least three bitches amongst those that arrived yesterday are in season, so they have most likely run away, with many of the dogs following them.  No doubt they will return when they are hungry.  We discovered what had happened to the little brown pup and the black and white one that haven't appeared for several days now.  Apparently, according to one of the workers, they tried to get into the old car where mum and pups are and the mum attacked and killed them.  So very sad but one can't blame the mother for trying to protect her babies.   A total of 21 dogs fed this morning.
I mentioned a while ago a dog, called Pasha, rescued by a friend of Mr A's in the village.  We have been giving advice on how to care for him and we have wormed him.  Last night we could hear pitiful crying somewhere below us so we went out with a torch to investigate.  It was Pasha who is on a long chain and he had got himself tangled up.  We sorted him out.  He was also hungry so we went back for food and fed him.  There was no-one in the house.  This morning we discovered that the family were at the hospital.  We have told them to take the dog off the chain and Mr A will help the owner to secure the gate and fence with chicken wire, so that the dog can have some freedom.  We have also asked them to let us know if they have to go somewhere at short notice as we are happy to look after the dog.  
Mr A went to the estate to feed this morning and was shocked to see around 50 dogs there!  Clearly they are being dumped and this will no doubt cause a problem.  He got through a tremendous amount of food and this is worrying as I doubt we will have enough money to continue feeding such numbers.  Mum and pups are well.  The 2 black pups are good too and sadly the person who was going to home one of them has changed their mind.   We are going to Milas Belediye tomorrow and are going to demand to see the head man, because they have to start taking some responsibility, even if only to spay the females.  I will post the outcome on my Home page as soon I can. 4 dogs fed in the village this evening.  I have received a few donations this evening for which I am so grateful. We will be collecting some more sacks of food from Milas tomorrow, and will be able to continue to feed  these dogs for as long as possible.  Thankyou so much to everyone who has donated. Much love from me, Mr A and the dogs xxx
Just 16 dogs turned up to be fed at the estate this morning. (See my home page for photos, including the 7 surviving pups).   1 dog fed in village on our return, will check for more this evening. 4 further dogs fed this evening.
Mum and pups doing well, as are the two black pups.  We didn't see the man with the sick dog this morning, or the dog, so can't check on him.  Will hopefully see them tomorrow.  20 dogs fed today. 7 dogs fed in village this evening.
Still no sign of the two missing pups. I'm afraid we must settle for never seeing them again. Very sad about this.  The two black pups are doing very well, so lively, and the man who "owns" them has actually put a collar on one of them.  We'll sort out a collar for the other one tomorrow.  Mum and pups doing well.  She is leaving the car to eat her food now so we were able to count the pups and 7 have survived.  They are gorgeous and look quite healthy.  One of the workers told us that a young dog he is looking after (he has a kennel outside his workshop) was not eating and had wandered off, so we went to look for him.  We found him and he seems quite poorly.  We have given the man the number of our vet and he has promised to take him there today.  We will check tomorrow morning.
21 dogs fed in total.  We were in Milas today for 5 hours and had some waiting around to do, and came across 2 dogs which we fed (they have the Belediye clips in their ears so have been neutered).
4 dogs fed in village.
No sighting of brown puppy for 4 days now, and the black and white puppy missing for two days.  I fear the worst, but hope that someone has taken them in.  Mum and pups are fine.  It's difficult to get close enough to count the pups when they are so close together and shielded by Mum, but we think 7 or 8 are still alive.  Mum is very hungry when we arrive and we are continuing to feed with yogurt and cheese, as well as the normal dried dog food.  Around 16 dogs fed today, not so many, and all very hungry which indicates that estate workers have perhaps given up their interest in them already.  We will continue regardless,   4 dogs fed in village this evening.
This is the third day that we haven't seen the brown puppy and we have searched everywhere.  Also the black and white puppy that spends time with the brown pup is also missing today.  I am quite concerned as no-one seems to know what has happened to them.  The two black pups are thriving and no longer live in the oil drum.  They are sleeping at night with the dog who is chained up, in his kennel, and he is quite happy about it.  More than 20 dogs in total fed this morning. 4 dogs fed in village.
Mr A went on his own to the estate this morning...just as well as apparently a cow has been stolen from our village and the police have stopped traffic going in and out for a couple of hours, so we would have both been stuck, whereas I can be getting on with sorting out our dogs.
He phoned to say Mum is doing well, she has had another meal of yogurt, cheese and milk and some more immune booster.  Sadly it looks like another of the pups has died, but Mr A can't get close enough to check because Mum is very protective.  I guess we will have to expect to lose some of the pups from such a big litter.    Food given to more dogs, although not sure of numbers until Mr A returns.  Updated: in excess of 20 dogs fed, plus 3 more in the village this evening.
Mum and litter are fine, although only 8 pups have survived so far. Fed mum a meal of cheese, yogurt and milk.  Dogs not so hungry today as they are now also being fed by estate workers...yippee!   See my blog HOME page for the post entitled "Getting Results".  Left food in different areas for the 20 or so dogs to eat when they want it.   Returned in the evening to check on mum and pups again, and Mr A has covered the car with heavy duty plastic to keep them all warmer and dry if it rains.  Mum was very hungry so fed her again.  Pups ok.   Only 2 dogs fed in village on our return, but food left in one of the usual places they gather
Mr A feeding the indust. est. dogs this morning and has just phoned to say that he has found a mother and 12 newborn pups in an old abandoned car.  He is feeding the mum and wanted to leave more food for the mum but no-one was willing to help..  He is also leaving a notice on the car to tell people NOT to touch or handle the pups.  It's all we can do at the moment, but it is just so heartbreaking.  We are intending to put more pressure on Milas Belediye on Monday.  They have to take some responsibility. 
Sadly 3 of the pups haven't survived, which is not surprising with such a big litter.  We are going up again this evening to take blankets to put in the old car and to cover it with heavy duty plastic to shelter from the rain, and to feed the mum again.
Total of 23 dogs fed this morning.  Second dose of worm tablets given to 5 puppies.
Update: Another trip up to the estate to check on mum and newborn pups. They are in the shell of an old abandoned car.  Three pups are definitely dead but I don't want to remove them yet in case Mum gets upset.  The other 9 are feeding.  Mum is exhausted but we managed to get her to eat some food and drink some water.  There's lots of broken glass inside the car so I climbed in and was on my knees picking up glass and trying to remove as much rubbish as possible.  We took some blankets.  I would have liked to put one underneath them but I don't want to disturb them, so have covered them up.  Mum was glad of some stroking and affection.  I gave her some of the immune booster which I will continue to give each day, and will also give her cheese, yogurt and fresh cows milk, for added calcium.

My heart is breaking and when we left I sobbed all the way to Milas.  I should be hardened to all this by now, but I just feel so helpless.
Ind Est:  The brown puppy re-appeared this morning and is fine.  The two black pups are really thriving and it's lovely to see.  There were two more new dogs there this morning, and a total of 22 dogs fed. 6 dogs fed in the village this evening.
More than 20 dogs at the industrial estate this morning.  All fed.  The brown puppy wasn't around today. He has disappeared before so I'm trying not to be too concerned. Hoping he will be back tomorrow.  4 dogs fed in the village this evening.
Fewer dogs at the industrial estate this morning.  Pups all doing well.  Total of 17 dogs fed.   4 dogs fed in the village this evening.
Ind. Est.  22 dogs fed in total, including one dog who has an "owner" who keeps him near his unit in a kennel and on a chain...for security.   The least he could do would be to feed him well, but we saw him today and he put down fish bones, a raw onion and a piece of stale bread for the dog.  Disgusting.  We had a word with the man, and he says he will feed him properly but I don't believe him so we will continue to feed him every day. 4 dogs fed in the village this evening
As dogs disappear from the industrial estate, more arrive to take their place.  We fed a total of 26 dogs today.  Village dogs to be fed later today.   4 village dogs fed this evening
Good news.  The brown puppy was at the estate this morning, and also the sister of the two pups that died(someone had said yesterday that she had been given a home but this was not the case).  So she and the brown pup are together with the brown pup's mum.  The kennel has been put back where it was (we have no idea why it was removed), but the pups seem reluctant to sleep in it.  Thankfully there are so many areas of shelter at the estate, so none of the dogs are forced to sleep outside.
A total of 24 dogs fed today.   One more dog in the village fed on our return.  Will check for more later today. Further 5 dogs fed in the village this evening.
We sadly discovered this morning that the 2 female pups are dead.  They were apparently hit by a car (I am so angry that people can be so careless when driving, with no consideration for what's in their path).  Good news though about the 3rd pup.  This one has been taken home by one of the estate workers.  Also the brown puppy which is usually with it's mother, was not around this morning. I'm hoping this one has been given a home, but having asked around, no-one knows.  And the kennel which had been left for the pups has also disappeared.  The carpenter wasn't around this morning, so we can't ask him about it.  The 2 black pups in the oil drum are doing fine.
Not so many dogs around this morning.  Only 14 fed in total.  Village dogs not seen yet, will look out for them later to feed. Update evening:  4 dogs fed in village.  1 female in season and we are going to try to get her spayed, although we will have to find the money to do this with our vet and for him to keep her for a few days for recovery.  Hopefully further news on this later.
Two of the three female pups were missing today.  Nowhere to be found.  We are hoping that someone has taken them home, but I am concerned.  There were slightly fewer dogs around this morning. The two black pups in the oil drum are doing well and their "home" is being kept clean, and fresh water given every day.  We fed a total of 16 dogs there this morning and a further 4 in the village.
Mammoth task today. Doses of both parasite syrup and immune booster soaked into small pieces of bread to make it easier to administer.  Given to a total of 32  dogs and puppies in the village and industrial estate.  All 32 were fed today
Ditto treatments as yesterday given to 7 pups on ind. est. and total of 19 dogs fed.  2 further village dogs fed this evening
Industrial of 26 dogs fed.  Immune booster and parasite syrup given to 7 puppies and 1 mum.  4 dogs fed evening in village.
Mr A starting work today so up to industrial estate at 6am to feed.  All puppies safe and accounted for.  The 3 siblings not using kennel, so we put food inside for them.  The 2 pups in oil drum are fine. Total of 15 dogs fed, and food left for any remaining dogs who didn't appear this morning. 2 more fed in village on our return.
Industrial estate 21 dogs fed and 7 pups wormed. 4 village dogs fed and 1 pup wormed.  1 more village dog fed late evening.
Industrial estate 20 dogs fed. Village 4 dogs fed.